The Rip et Panic Team

Rip et Panic is a team made up of AMC and ACD (for now). We are artists and graduates in art and design, our professional careers range from art exhibitions, urban art projects, interior design and working with brands and companies. We have therefore decided to start this new adventure in this new world. !e think that artistic creation has many facets and that curiosity towards the new is a value that opens up new and fantastic possibilities.

Amah Cynthia Dongo was born in Paris, France in 1986. Amah focus on colors and shapes to create dialogue on how we perceive and see what is around us. Her love for lines and angles are influenced by urban architecture and lifestyle. Blending inspirations from cubism, constructivism, and brutalism. Amah uses layers of colors to create abstract notions of images.

Art Creation Design

Astolfo Maria Cicerano was born in Italy 1986. In his artwork, he plays with various materials through an experimentation and reaction process by adopting various artistic techniques. His stylistic multidirectionality is constantly branching ; extending from architecture, design, fashion, graphic design, painting, and sculpting. There is a sardonic and perhaps cynicism spirit to the artwork that makes fun of the work,, creating a juxtaposition and questioning to art itself. And as in a game between past and present, with a pop aesthetic.